Brandy who? And what is It’s One World Travel?


Brandy Bell is a self admitted travel addict, with a penchant for the unique. She’s also going to stop talking about herself in the third person right now. This is a place for those who are planning their dreams, plotting their escape, or simply curious about just how hard it would be to travel abroad. Be it a short jaunt, or that mega-goal of never ending travel. I’m here to help you.


I was in your very shoes, scouring the internet for ways to make my dream come true. How can I travel for a long time with little money? I spent hours of my life on the internet: searching websites, reading travel blogs, poring over threads on just how it can be done. I was able to get enough information and gather enough courage to start the journey. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve been traveling the world non-stop since 2010, and have no end date in sight.


Yes, friends, it is possible. If you want it bad enough, and are willing to remove the excuses from the equation, this life abroad can also be yours.


I’ve put everything I’ve gleaned from the internet into one site, and tried my best to make it as user friendly as possible. As this is a brand new site, I expect there will be information that is lacking. I probably have it tucked away into dusty corners of my brain, so don’t be shy- leave a comment with your question. You may have the same query that very many people are wondering themselves but are too shy to ask. So please, feel comfortable in asking- this is a community. This place is for you.


[quote]brandy says: what’s all this brandy says about? It’s my place to put additional information. I realize the site is very information heavy, and I don’t want you wading through more text than is necessary, so if you are just looking for facts- ignore these.  [/quote]

A bit about Brandy Bell:

I simply love words: scrabble, crossword puzzles, books, poetry, journals.


I’ve been face humped by a kinkajou in Panama (photo story coming), bitten by a monkey in Nicaragua, humbled by children in Cambodia, and awed by humanity in every country I have visited.


I’m a vegetarian, but on my travels have eaten: raw antelope, lamb, monkey, fermented horse milk, jellyfish, pigeon eggs, insects, raw oysters, and I think I once ate cat, but I can’t be sure.


I have an unnatural affinity for rap music, in any language. I also enjoy classical, jazz, street beats, trip hop, and just about anything that graces my eardrums. Heavy metal need not apply.


I’ve stood atop an active volcano, been 80 feet under the water, hiked the worlds deepest canyon, and yet am still afraid of ponies. Phobic of ponies, actually- if you have any information leading to the cause of this phobia, or anyone who wants to do a medical study on me, I am game.


I love cooking and entertaining friends (when there is a kitchen available). Food is one of the great unifiers of the world. I’ve been privileged to taste some of the world’s “best” cuisine in restaurants where a plate costs more than some people’s yearly salary. Truthfully speaking, nothing has tasted as good as the simple food, made with love that I have been served in homes around the world.


I live my life by two rules: 1) speak your mind 2) do anything you please.


Welcome to It’s One World… Travel– make yourself at home.


Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you have! Do you feel all pumped up and ready to hit the road? Go ahead and check everything off your backpacking list and live your dreams. :) Looking for more travel inspiration? Make sure to join our monthly newsletter which includes new travel resources, a photo essay and always something fun; even if you can't hit the road yet, I'll bring you traveling with me. Sign up now above! For all the legalese on the site check out My Disclaimer. Old Paper by ThunderThemes.net