Boys, you weren’t supposed to click this link- but I knew I could count on you to do so. Your snooping will be rewarded with awesome and hilarious boy talk by a real-live- boy. From basic boyscout skills to getting down and dirty, this is your spot to learn how to score all things…

Ladies, of course these apply to us as well, but only read if you really want to peer into the mind of a man- and believe me, it’s gross in there. Better to head back to the female sexual health page…


boy with campfire

it’s rough out there for boys
photo: Alex Erde

Back to Basics

On pocket knives, sharp things, and how to blow up a bathroom with style. Back to Basics is the best post on basic backpacking items that many people forget about, and the sarcastic reasons for why you need them. Prepare to laugh, grimace, and laugh again.



Drugs, Thugs, and Sex on the Beach

When you feel like being bad… Tips on how to score drugs, girls, and come home STD free. The only time I have cried from laughter while editing…. you’re going to want to read this.
* please note this post contains controversial and adult content, if you can’t handle it, read one of the hundred other posts!



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