Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Travel

Oct 22, 2013 by

Everyone in the cafe was turned to look at me. “MHMMMM” I said, with more oomph and soul than a Holy-Roller preacher woman. I licked my finger and flipped the page, devouring the words. The article, “Date A Girl Who...

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Bent Over in Bangkok : The Bikini Wax (TMI)

Jun 1, 2013 by

After surviving a night of food poisoning in Bangkok, a day of Spa horror that left me Ronald McD, it was high time to kick things in gear and get ready for a visit from my special man friend. Boys, you might not know the lengths we go through to...

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Bent Over in Bangkok – Part 2

May 29, 2013 by

Waking up sore, parched, and with the funkiest flavor in my mouth from the food poisoning that wrung me out the night before – I blinked a few times, and saw my dorm mate, Anna was already back from her morning errands. What time is it? Where...

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It’s Time to Dump Your Sunblock. What???

May 2, 2013 by

The same thing that makes me an expert on getting robbed while traveling makes me the perfect person to tell you what not to do while spending your vacation soaking up sun. When I was a young girl on one of our family vacations,  I returned back to...

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Me Travel Pretty One Day

Dec 20, 2012 by

The best adventures don’t wait by hot showers, lurking under the silk sheets of a hotel waiting to catch you at your photogenic best. No, sadly (or wonderfully) these once in a lifetime travel experiences usually happen when you’re sweaty,...

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The Great ComPEEtition – Winner and Giveaway!

Dec 10, 2012 by

Do you feel lucky?  Today begins the “What the FUD?” giveaway. Check out the article below to see who won the great comPEEtition and how you can win a FUD of your very own. If you don’t know what a FUD is, back up and read this...

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