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A Hammam, One of Istanbul’s Most Relaxing Spots

If you’re going on vacation to Istanbul, planning to wind down and catch your breath, make sure you schedule time for a spa day. A spa day in Turkey, however, is unlike any other in the world. Turkey is famous for Turkish baths — imagine a grand marble palace where you can let your hair down…

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Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Travel

  Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Travel   ” A girl who doesn’t travel is easy to track, easy to predict. She’ll always be there. She’ll be on your couch at home, or hanging with her friends waiting for your call. You’ll know where to find her. When you do, you will talk about your…

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Bent Over in Bangkok : The Bikini Wax (TMI)

After surviving a night of food poisoning in Bangkok, a day of Spa horror that left me Ronald McD, it was high time to kick things in gear and get ready for a visit from my special man friend. Boys, you might not know the lengths we go through to get things in line for…

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Bent Over in Bangkok – Part 2

Waking up sore, parched, and with the funkiest flavor in my mouth from the food poisoning that wrung me out the night before – I blinked a few times, and saw my dorm mate, Anna was already back from her morning errands. What time is it? Where am I? Am I delirious? As my special…

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