Hotel Review: Tsikeli in Kastraki, Greece

Arriving to the small city of Kalambaka by bus, we stepped down and paused at the sight of the towering stones. “We have to walk up those?” As intimidating as it looked, we carried on , dragging our backpacks toward the even tinier city of Kastraki, about 1.5 km down the road. The views are…

Greek Island Santorini

Somewhere Special: Santorini

Sometimes we all need to get away somewhere special and enjoy a thoroughly self-centred experience, where we can relax and recharge those weary batteries. When you’ve been to all of the Canary Islands, had enough of Portugal and when Spain vacations just don’t quite cut it, why not up the ante a little and try…

olympic arch ancient olympia greece

Leaving Olympia (breaks my heart)

I will miss the sound of the checkers clacking on the worn wooden backgammon board, the laughter of the children playing tag in the streets, the sun sifting itself through the leaves of the elm at Tops cafe, and the sight of Katerina bumming cigarettes from tourists. This is my Olympia, and I will always return here and find exactly what I left- because it is intangible.

Oracle of Delphi, Greece UNESCO

The Center of the World – Delphi, Greece

I’ve long believed I was the center of the world (or universe) and last week, I was actually correct! That is, of course, if you abide by the Greek mentality that long held Delphi to be the center of the world. This is the place where mankind was supposed to be the closest to God, to…

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