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Busted taking a selfie in Langkawi

The Best Smart Phone for International Travelers

Did you notice I’ve been posting more photos to my Facebook and twitter accounts? I’ll tell you why : I finally found a smart phone that fits into my traveling life and doesn’t cost a fortune. The Energy Sistem Energy Phone Max (besides being a mouthful to say) is the perfect solution to international travelers…

These ALL come with the Energy Sistem Sport Cam Pro!

Looking for a Cheap Alternative to the GoPro Hero?

Are you looking for a cheap alternative to the GoPro that doesn´t fall apart in 1 month? Have I got the solution for you! Enter the Energy Sistem Sport Cam Pro: a lightweight, micro-sized sport camera that is perfect for all your video needs, especially when traveling. First, let´s start with the company Energy Sistem,…

Win your Guerrilla Pack Roundhouse NOW!

Guerrilla Packs GIVEAWAY!

Not all bad reviews have bad endings! A few years ago, I purchased the Guerrilla Pack and took it on a four month journey with me… It fell apart when I needed it most, and left my belongings unsecured and my back aching. To prevent other travelers from making the same purchase mistake, I went…


How My Kindle Made Me Cry… Twice

It’s not often I resort to tears while traveling, but last year in Thailand was an exception. I’d just arrived to the island of Koh Samui and was dying to break into the newest Haruki Murakami book, 1Q84. However, when I opened the cover of my Kindle – I received a terrible surprise. My screen…

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