Ultimate Train Challenge Crazy

Am I Ultimate Train Challenge Crazy?

It’s no secret that I am what you might lovingly call “off-her-rocker”.  The kind of girl who lusts after adventures that will land me with Somali pirates on a hijacked yacht*, or hitch hiking after dark without my pepper spray.   But, it appears I am also capable of rational thought and human emotions, including-…

excellent coffee in lisbon, portugal

9 things I Love about Portugal

Polite Drivers. Holy crap. I step out onto the street and the cars actually stop, some people wave and say “Bon Dia”… I’m used to dodging cars and running for my life, even if the light is in my favor. This is a refreshing change.

Life in Lisbon

I don’t know how long you have to be staying in a place before you call it “living”, but for me, any stay that extends a month in a particular place is considered living- when I have a place to come Bottle money encountered oily highly comment hint out ! color, would like the because…

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