Happy 5th Travel Anniversary To Me!

Happy Anniversary to me. Happy Anniversary to me. Happy anniversary dear Traveling Brandy. Today my flight leaves from Madrid to Bangkok, Thailand where I will begin a journey around South East Asia working as a professional traveler. Wow. Coincidentally, it´s also been 5 years to the day since I took off on my Round The…


Your First Time? Start Here!

Hola, Hello, Bonjour! Welcome and thank you for stopping by 🙂  It’s One World Travel is chock full of juicy travel information so let me show you around. First, if you wanna know more about me and why you should listen to anything I write you can look over on the right and see my…

Ultimate Train Challenge Crazy

Am I Ultimate Train Challenge Crazy?

It’s no secret that I am what you might lovingly call “off-her-rocker”.  The kind of girl who lusts after adventures that will land me with Somali pirates on a hijacked yacht*, or hitch hiking after dark without my pepper spray.   But, it appears I am also capable of rational thought and human emotions, including-…

Trapped in my Hostel- Part TWO.

So, at exactly 11:11, I climbed down the ladder without incident. Okay, minor incident. My shirt might have gotten caught on the top rung and I went down about 3 rungs before I realized I was losing my shirt- but after that- I was in the clear!

Separating Myself From My Things; I thought it’d be easier

Imagine no television, no multiple pairs of shoes, no walk in closet chock full of clothing, no pretty paintings, none of it. Terrifying, isn’t it? Who are we without our things by our side? Who am I without my walls plastered with family photos, carpets under my feet, shiny, pretty things that I love?


The Voyage of Travel and Self Discovery

Friends, you all have your own dreams and paths you have to follow. I wish for each of you to feel as certain of your way and the burning desire to wake up and start tomorrow as you lay in bed that I feel.

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