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What Is Agritourism Anyway?

Agri-tourism. Agro-tourism. Potato. Potato. It’s a phrase you hear a lot, and maybe you’re unsure of it’s connotations. That’s okay!  If you’re like me you might have imagined agritourism as a schoolbus full of kids going to the miserable local farm where they see some animals and forget about the experience by the time they…

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Telling the parents you want to travel the world

You’ve bought the ticket, you’re so excited for your adventure, you’ve read all the best travel tips in the world, but there’s just one thing in your way — yo momma! or your dad, or a pack of wolves (hey, I don’t know who raised you). Here’s a few things you should consider when you…

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The Internet, by Brandy Bell #1

The Clearest Water in 35 sweet spots around the globe You read it. It’s got my heart pounding, and planning my next beach vacation. Which might wind up being in South East Asia, again– there’s a few too many tempting beaches on this list – which one’s your favorite?     Mind Blowing Painting Skills…

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