Hospitality Exchange

Hospitality Exchange is just that. A directory of people from over 25 countries, who are opening their homes and hearts to traveling souls. You’re able to search by interests, to browse for the perfect host. This site will require more forethought and time in searching for a host (unless host specifies they take last minute requests) but the quality of relationships cultivated is geared towards longevity.

[quote]Brandy says: In case you’re planning on being somewhere where there is no internet- yes, these places still exist on our planet- Hospitality Exchange will provide a printed host directory, replete with phone numbers, so you’re able to work offline. Go on, try it. [/quote]


 Global Freeloaders

The site says it best: Global Freeloaders is an online community, bringing people together to offer you free accommodation all over the world. Save money and make new friends whilst seeing the world from a local’s perspective!

[quote]Brandy says: Adam’s got the idea down pat, and his site has a great FAQ in case you’re still leery of the idea of curling up on someone’s sofa. Also, mmuch respect to him for requesting that only people who will be able to host within six months sign up- there must be a balance of giving and taking. [/quote]



“With every true friendship, we build the basis for World Peace.” With a tag line like that, how could you not want to try it? This association was founded in 1949 on the basis of working towards World Peace by connecting the planet on the very simple level of friendship. Just like the other hospitality sites they have a host of hosts and plenty of travelers who are interested in building lasting relationships. Free hospitality at its finest.


[quote] Brandy says: This organization captured my heart from the moment I read their mission statement. I believe wholeheartedly in the intrinsic goodness of human beings, and this is a prime example to showcase this. Again, they say it best: “Join us. Open a door. Knock on another. Get Involved.” It’s your world, too. [/quote]



Hospitality Club

Hospitality Club is a wonderful resource for people seeking free accommodation while traveling. With over 320,000 members Hospitality Club is the largest online hospitality exchange organization. It costs nothing to enroll, create a profile, and start getting hosted, or hosting. As their mission statement declares, this is a way to bring travelers to locals, to strengthen intercultural understanding and strengthen peace on our planet.



[quote] Brandy says: Peace on our planet by staying at someone’s house for free? Yes, please! What more incentive do you need? As with all free hospitality exchanges, please remember to give something back to your host. This does not mean an offer of money; but no one ever turned down a bit of house keeping or prepping a delicious meal. Do what you can, when you can, where you are. [/quote]


Friends of Friends- Acquaintances of a friend’s friend. Use social media to reach out: Twitter, Facebook, Emails. Let everyone know where you are, where you will be going and where you dream of going. Odds are someone will be able to get you in contact with a person who might have a place to crash, or at the very least, show you around their city. The more people you know- the better your odds of having the hookup! Be friendly, be genuine, be entertaining- homes and hearts will be open to you before you know it.

Street Sleeping

It’s not glamorous or comfortable, but it happens. You are sore in the morning, you look like a train wreck, you wonder why there are bootprints on your face and pray the pile of drool on your shirt is your own. (Seriously, how did the bootprint get on my face?). Pop 2 Excedrin PM and wake up in exactly 7 hours ready to see the city!
If you are gonna tramp it up this way, please use some common sense. Bus or train stations (well lit ones), in front of churches, or near hospitals or other public places are usually the best option. It’s only one night of your life, and let’s be real- you’ve probably slept weirder places when you’re drunk… or is that just me?

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