Insanely Beautiful Views at Royal Kirana

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful it boggles your mind? That’s the Royal Kirana Spa. Just 15-minutes from the center of Ubud you’ll find this getaway.

We went down, and down, and down the steep driveway until reaching the entrance of the Restaurant and pathway to the spa. We arrived early for our appointment and took a moment to peek in the restaurant.


We were dumbfounded by the views. Standing there, arm in arm, we’d found one of the most beautiful spots in the area.


The deep ravine in front of us was clothed in towering trees, cascading vines and full of life. The hoot and call of monkeys bounced off the cliffs, echoed back at us. This, this is the Ubud I’d been searching for.

Of course, there was still a wall of glass between me and this paradise, and as I looked below I saw the same image on the brochure of the spa. Down, we must go. It’s about one hundred steps down to the spa area, where cool breezes and all the beauty from above is now directly in your sight, no walls, just open and tropical air.

It’s time for my massage! An attendant brings me a berry-infused iced tea, it’s cooling touch is so welcome, after all, it is hot in Bali. Sweating most of the time has simply become a way of life, and I rarely ever mistake beads of perspiration on my body for bugs anymore, swatting like a madwoman at nothing.

There are several oils for me to sample, but before I smell any of them, I already know I will take the lemongrass. I’m bewitched by it, and also by the mosquito-repelling properties. The hibiscus oil smells and feels light, like silk on the breeze, but I stick with my favorite. My therapist comes to whisk me away, and Maddy retreats to the infinity pool to take more photos and laze on sunloungers.

Down more stairs to the private treatment room. There’s a rock wall shower and toiletries in porcelain containers instead of single-use plastics, bravo! It’s always important to me when high-end places fight the urge to give into what we’ve been trained to see as “luxury” and indulge in the simple, eco-friendly gestures.

After I’ve washed off I don my robe and make my way back up to the massage room. It sits over an infinity pool of its own, wrapped by a private deck and staring into more jungle. The fan whirs the air, so it’s fresh and clean — no air con to be found here, thankfully.

The therapist begins the massage with me face down, and it’s going well. she’s using just enough pressure on my shoulders and lower back until I feel her fingers digging into my spine. I ask her to please not touch the spine area, and she apologizes, however, a few moments later she does it again, so I ask if I may flip over and be face up. The rest of the massage is fine, and when it’s over I am thrilled to get back to the grounds and the beautiful infinity pool and relaxation area where I find Maddy.

We spend a few hours lazing around, taking in the beautiful scenery and soaking up the calmness before making our way on our moto. There’s a huge storm coming, and we’re about 35 minutes from home. I put on the camera gear, cover in a raincoat, and hope for the best as we summit the massive hill leading out of the resort.

A huge thank you is owed to the Royal Kirana for inviting me for the massage, and for showing us one of our favorite spots in Ubud. Their restaurant is the perfect place to grab a drink on a bright day when being out in the direct sun is too much for the skin to bear!


The End!

Brandy Bell loves adventuring around the world. She's been a solo female traveler since 2006 and has visited over 25 countries, made countless international friends, and now writes to inspire you to travel in a sustainable and responsible way.

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