free food and housing while backpacking the world


free food and housing while backpacking the world

grow and eat your own food for free
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Help Exchange- just like the name says, HelpX is for anyone who can put in an honest 3-5 hours worth of work a day in exchange for accommodations and food.

You can apply to work doing any of the following: Farmstay, Organic Farmstay,Non-Organic Farmstay, Home stay, Backpacker Hostel, Boat, Accommodation, and Other miscellaneous jobs.

How can I take part in this magic? Simple. All you need to do is create an account, and start browsing.

[quote] Brandy says: Be sure to read the profiles and reviews in their entirety. Hosts range from people running what is essentially a free-labor sweat shop, to people who simply like having guests around and don’t expect any helping in return. If you’re unsure, ask your host questions via email until you arrive at an agreement. [/quote]


 World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

The idea behind WWOOF is that you volunteer on organic (permaculture/sustainable) farms for a certain amount of hours per day in exchange for food, accommodation and learning about the organic way of life. The opportunity to grow, harvest and eat food from your own hands is only a click away.


[quote]Brandy says: even if you have no dreams of homesteading in this life, I highly recommend giving WWOOFing a try. There is something incredibly powerful in the simple act of connecting with our earth on a basic level. [/quote]



Workaway was created with the goal of helping travelers integrate into the society of the country in which they are traveling. In the typical format of a volunteer exchange, Workaway hosts require a certain amount of working hours per day (usually no more than five) and you receive food and accommodation in return. The rest of your time is yours to explore the local culture and way of life. Workaway listing categories range from Art projects and domestic house helping to English teaching and technical support. There is always someone looking for your expertise.


[quote] Brandy says: I love the 17 categories of work to choose from on Workaway. It makes sure that you’re delving into the right area of interests for yourself, consequentially learning and growing in that field. Having said that, don’t be afraid to expand into other arenas- you’ll never learn if you don’t try! [/quote]


Grow Food

Grow Food’s mission is to train a new generation of sustainable farmers and to reconnect people with farms. You can come and volunteer on a farm, learn about organic sustainability, and kick your feet up after a hard day’s work, enjoying farm fresh food that won’t poison you with pesticides. Thousands of the farms are listed in the United State of America, so if you’re (living in the USA and) not ready to make your big trip just yet- it’s a perfect way to get a taste of travel.


[quote] Brandy says: The idea of GrowFood is fantastic, and they deserve all the help they can get sticking it to Monsanto. However, to be fair to my readers, their website design and layout is atrocious to navigate and almost caused me to have an aneurysm. Be patient, and remember this is a long term project with roots in the ground, not the internet. Are you a tech person who wants to help out on a farm? Connect with them and offer your services! [/quote]


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