Not many industries are flooded with such witty, creative, intelligent and good looking people as the Travel Media world.  Not only are they good for naked room reviews, attaining language fluency in three months, and being overall badasses but they sometimes know stuff, too.

I’ve asked these talented individuals to share the wealth with you– and they have delivered! In no particular order here are some of the best travel tips on the internet from my colleagues.



Disclaimer: It’s One World Travel is not to blame for the next three hours you spend clicking through these awesome websites.


Best Travel Tips

Be not afraid — most people are there to help, not to harm. Be not judgmental — it’s not wrong, it’s just different. Be not an ass –remember, you are a guest. – Man on the Lam

Confucius say: only way to get sleep in hostel is with ear plugs – A Backpacker’s Tale

Bring an extra laundry bag or pillowcase and stuff it with clothes on those long bus/train rides. It’s way easier than taking a real pillow and far less annoying than those inflatable ones. – Adventures of a GoodMan

The crazy jitters always quiet when you finally cross the border. Do your research, speak to others, but always trust yourself and always remember your privilege. – acertainblindness

Bring 4-5 small gifts from your home country that represent your homeland. Give them to people that help you on your trip. – 1000 Fights

Go with the flow, talk to the locals and say yes to everything! Be reckless and spontaneous. Life is too short to regret something you never did. – Travel Freak

Never, ever use plastic bags to separate your belongings in your backpack when you’re staying in a hostel. You will not make any friends – Pack Your Passport

No matter how well you plan, something will go wrong. Flights are late. Luggage is lost. Train strikes happen. Just roll with it.  – SouthWest Compass

Don’t get too hung up on your trip – you can travel without referencing others, and your trip will change from what you originally had planned.- Chasing the Wild

Budget Travel Tips


When traveling on Air Asia only pay to select a seat after you check in and only if you don’t like your assigned seat. You can just phone up to change your seat even after you’ve checked in. I also only add extras close to the flight date, in case plans change. That way I only lose the cost of the flight and not the extras. More flight booking tips from 30 Traveler

If you are planning to fly in the spring: Avoid spring breaks are in your region, if possible. Spring is pretty expensive across the board because of spring break and Easter holidays. Spring breaks are different for college kids, families, public schools, private schools, etc. You can search your local school district’s website for the dates. – Savvy Traveling

For budget travel combined with some luxury, get a credit card that lets you earn hotel points (Starwood’s SPG program is great). When it’s time to book your trip, instead of just staying at hostels, throw in some free nights at hotels you racked up points with. – Off the Map Travels

Flight tickets are often cheaper when flying on Wednesdays, you avoid much leisure travellers and many business travellers are simply already at their destination. – Haute Compass

Don’t be afraid to travel on bicycle – they will allow you to see places and meet people you wouldn’t be able to any other way! – Family on Bikes

Never book with a tour company at the local hostel, you’ll just pay more for the same trip. You can wear flip flops everywhere! – Flip Flops Abroad


Free Travel Tips

Do your homework. Even the most expensive cities in the world have excellent things to do and see that are free or low cost. Did you know that you can see the Rosetta Stone up close and personal for free at the British Museum?- Boomeresque

If you’re open minded and interested in scoring free accommodation, be sure to check Hospitality Club and WarmShowers (for cyclists). Let’s face it, there’s no better way to explore a destination than to take the advice of a local. You’ll end up saving a boat load of money while getting the opportunity to experience the local side of travel. An added bonus is that there’s a damn good possibility that you’ll end up acquiring some new friends along the way as well. – Pause the Moment

As a solo traveler, I find it tedious sometimes to go around a new city by myself. I found a way to make my trip more interesting: I look for free walking tours. Because the local tour guides depend on tips for their income, they make the tour livelier, their stories full of interesting bits and pieces that can’t be found in guidebooks. Plus, I get to meet other budget travelers. – Solitary Wanderer

Walk everywhere you can! It’s the best way to find a destination’s hidden secrets and local hangouts. Plus, it’s free. – The Kay Days


Good Advice

Don’t listen to people who say one way of travel is better, or ‘more real’ than another. People are all different. Travel however makes you happiest. F everyone else. – Going Nomadic

Avoid anyone who opens a convo with, “So what do you do for work?” – Red Rucksack

Wear a cross body bag to prevent purse snatching. If you must carry a shoulder bag, wear it on the side of your body that’s away from the road in case of drive-by purse-snatchers. It’s also a good idea to stash money in places other than just your handbag. For example, if you have a bra with removable padding – take the padding out and use the space for cash. – Wanderplex

All the scary things that you imagine could happen to you when you’re overseas are so incredibly unlikely to happen, you’d be better off relaxing and getting some sleep so you look as fabulous as you are in the morning. – The Dropout Diaries

Don’t be afraid to try something and fail. Failure, especially while stepping outside of your comfort zone, gives you the opportunity to really know yourself. It means you’re taking risks. It forces you to adapt and look at the world differently. Failure allows you to embrace the worst moments and savor the best. – The Nomad Grad

Don’t even think of staying home just because you have no travel partner. – Women on the Road

Wherever you go, make sure you have a small first aid kit in your bag. it should include: antibiotic cream, bandaids, small sewing kit and bug spray/cream and dental floss. You can use dental floss for so many other things than cleaning your teeth. – Jet Set Extra

Oftentimes the destination gets all the attention, but the journey is just as exciting. Relish in the excitement at the start of your trip, indulge in conversations with your fellow passengers, and amuse the child making faces from across the aisle – Awe Inclusive

Travel light, plan as little as possible as it leaves you open to more magic happening. Also, steri-pens are great. – The Pocket Explorer

Always wear pockets. – Going Anyway

If you are ever staying somewhere questionable or you’re concerned about someone coming into your room at night, buy yourself a door wedge. It’ll at least alert you to someone trying to get in. Another alternative is just to wedge in a magazine! (N.B This isn’t particularly helpful if you’re in a hostel. Your roomies will not be amused.) – Gap Year Escape

Go horseback riding where you are visiting. It’s a great way to see the country and ride with a local. – Writing Horseback


Packing Tips


Learning the art of minimalist travel and packing light is easy with a bit of strategic planning. Mix and match your travel clothing and plan outfits in advance. You’ll be surprised how many travel outfits you can make with just ten pieces of clothing! – Travel Fashion Girl

Store shoes inside hotel shower caps to stop dirty soles rubbing on your clothes. – Travels with Carole

Bring a scarf with you! Not only are they fashionable, but they also do double-duty as eye masks to block out light when you need to sleep! – D Travels Round

Bring a decorative piece of cotton fabric about 2 meters (6 ft) long, that you can fold up small. It will be your saviour. It can be an extra sheet, a shoulder wrap, a skirt, a picnic blanket, extra padding for your camera, a towel in a pinch, etc – Going Nomadic

Women travelers, be sure to pack a handy Bra Wallet for securing money & other valuables between the girls while in transit. Eagle Creek makes a secure one that’s constructed with silk, looks & feels like lingerie. – Travel Gear for Women


Photo Tips


Sometimes the best way to get photos of a popular attraction are by going to your site right at sunrise (or opening hours) before the crowds of tourists arrive. You can often get some wonderful colours, lighting and shadows at sunrise as well. – Where Sidewalks End

think before you shoot. by considering why you want to take the photo, it can make the decision of when to push the
button just a little bit easier. – acertainblindness

If you’re traveling solo (and you should at some point in your life; it’s great!) you don’t need to leave yourself out of your travel photos. I look for reflective surfaces everywhere; interesting windows, puddles, even shiny hubcaps – Suitcase Scholar

Destination Tips


Byron Bay, Australia, an awesome hippie surf-town has the most expensive Woolworth’s grocery store in the country, so think twice or brush up on your dumpster diving skills before settling down there. – Fly Away World Travel

Northern California is the place to explore if you want to see what’s so cool about California, but want a totally different perspective from Southern California. Winding roads of oak trees, hillsides covered in grape vines, hip city streets with a touch of gritty, diverse people, and ultra-foodie experiences…this is what you find on the 2-hour stretch between San Francisco and Sacramento.

Do as the Spaniards and do your best to take a siesta midday – apart from getting some relief from the hottest hours of daylight, you’ll get the rest you need to keep up with the locals, who spend the entire night out! – Sunshine and Siestas

Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a photographer’s dream. It’s a bit tough to find information online regarding where to stay and tips when planning to visit this region of Italy. We put together this short guide for travelers who are looking for places to stay, how to get to Cinque Terre and things to do in this area. – Ordinary Traveler

My top local insider budget tip for Maui Hawaii is to grab a picnic and go watch the sunset at the 505 Front St. Building. Not only do you get a great view but one of the islands best luaus is held on the beach there and you can watch the show for free! – Fluent in Frolicking

Maui, a great place to have a beach holiday? Yes sure Maui is a fantastic place for a beach or surfing holiday but it has so much more to offer. Top 5 things to do in Maui Hawaii on Holiday Nomad

Santa Fe is a gateway to another time. The second oldest city in the US is a unique melting pot of three distinct cultures: Native American, Hispanic and Anglo. Add the city’s rich history, art, music and food scenes plus outdoor adventure opportunities for a can’t miss recipe for a great travel experience. – Santa Fe Travelers

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a top arts, history and culinary destination. The best way to see this historic town is to stay right where the action is… near the Plaza. – Striped Pot

In Cancun or the Riviera Maya, Mexico between June and August you should not miss snorkeling with whale sharks. That’s right, you can get up close and personal with these huge, 40-foot creatures, known as “gentle giants.” Indeed, the excursion costs about $140 per person (that includes transport to the boat pier from your hotel), but I highly recommend saving your pennies for this once in a lifetime excursion — these sea creatures are magical, and you can literally swim just a few feet from them in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. – The Vacation Gals


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