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Image courtesy of Ron Kroetz from Flickr

Slipping into Soufriere — St. Lucia Speed

Dreaming of dipping your toes into temperate Caribbean waters and feeling the sand gently exfoliate the bottoms of your feet? You’re ready for your next trip to St. Lucia. Reach the Peak of the Pitons Take a deep breath and get yourself prepared, as it’s 2,160 feet above sea level to the peak of Gros…

Image courtesy of Michael Hicks from Flickr

See The North Shore of Lake Superior

Are you looking for the perfect weekend getaway to Lake Superior? One that balances your desire to see the natural and stunning beauty of Lake Superior’s North Shore while preserving the environment? Here’s your fast track guide to the area, sure to leave you in awe of Mother Nature and proud of yourself for making…

Image courtesy of Mathieu Marquer from Flickr

Visiting Alexandria, Virginia, on a Tight Budget

Just can’t wait to take a break but still scrimping after your last vacation? You’re not alone! Alexandria, Virginia, makes a great budget-friendly destination with a plethora of fun, free, and inexpensive options for a quick visit that won’t break the bank. Find Fresh Produce at the Farmers’ Markets Purchasing your own fruits and vegetables…

Image courtesy of Katie Haugland

Keeping it Weird in Austin: Hipmunk City Love

The motto “Keep Austin Weird” speaks volumes about the city. This is a place where you can (figuratively) kick off your shoes and feel right at home. These are your tips for feeling like a local in no time. You Have To Go To Hole in the Wall Did you know Austin is known as…

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