Brandy says: Got your tickets ready for the big trip? Great! Now you need to know what to pack. My first time on the road, this question plagued me for hours.  Let’s save you that stress! Everything in this list has been tried, tested and proves true. For your benefit I’ve also listed what not to pack, because that’s just as important. Extra items weigh you down, and cost more to carry! Without further ado, here is the ultimate backpacking checklist.



The ultimate backpacking checklist, and by ultimate backpacking checklist, I do not mean that I have listed every possible item a person could bring on a trip, because that would be called the infinite backpacking checklist. This is the list of essential clothing and shoes that you need to bring while backpacking to keep your body covered from the elements and keep yourself comfortable.


For all my fellow female travelers I’ve created a page especially for you– the boys don’t need to know all the magic that makes us women tick. Ladies who can’t travel without a pair of heels, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. All the info you need is here: how to travel on your period, safety tips– but I’m not going to type any more about it– the boys are spying… click here for the rest!


Here you will find the gear I bring with me, and I am not talking about sex toys. Laptop, iPod, and e- reader blurbs: I’m far from tech savvy, so don’t expect technical mumbo jumbo. What works while traveling- nothing more!


The ultimate backpacking checklist first aid kit. This time I say so because I probably have too many things in my first aid kit. From homeopathic to horse tranquilizers… this is a comprehensive first aid kit checklist- don’t leave home without checking this page and packing your own!

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    Great list and categories! Thanks for sharing its very useful!
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