I’m not even going to pretend to know the difference between a netbook and notebook.
The only thing I know is that they don’t have a CD drive, so they’re much lighter and compact. My ASUS UL20A has been a lifesaver, letting me write my little heart out, connect with the internet world, and Skype to far away friends. It’s only died on me 1.5 times, but the latter was my fault for not using a proper converter. Oops.





IPod/ music device:

For all the times on the bus/train/tuktuk that you don’t want to overhear the gossiping group of girls around you. For the music you need to fall to sleep to. For your workout inspiration. It’s music, and it’s necessary. Bring good earbuds!






The Kindle is the perfect companion: It’s silent but informative. It waits patiently for your attention. It can read you a bedtime story (text to voice option in the main menu- check it out!). It can last a month without anything from you, and won’t complain when you put it down and pick up a real book just to feel the pages beneath your fingertips. Yes, Kindle, I love you. On a practical note, the value of not having to heave books on your back is worth it. Your shoulders will thank you for it, as will your soul.




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