That Time of the Month. Aunt Flow. Monsteration.
Who Ate All The Chocolate?


Whatever you call it- it sucks, and even more so on the road. Here’s the girls guide to having your period while traveling.

Fair warning, I can be rather blunt, and disgusting in these matters. If you’re easily offended by phrases like “The Crimson Wave” or by mocking the temporary psychosis that overtakes us, move along.
If you’re a boy and you snuck on this page, you better turn around right now- I’m warning you- it’s not pretty.



Backpacking as a Woman

do not bring a chandelier’s worth of tampons
photo: shelley brunt

Let’s Tackle Tampons

Ladies, you do not need to pack 12 month’s worth of tampons when you are traveling abroad for a year. Unless you are brand specific, you will be able to find tampons in capital cities, and most major towns worldwide.
A week before the crimson tide — right about the time you crave salty foods and want to stab people for no reason– pick up a box of tamps and maybe some kleenex in case it’s an emotional one.

Heads Up: Most tampons worldwide aren’t going to have applicators. Yes, you’re going to have to put your fingers in your lady business. Make sure you wash your hands (or use wet wipes) before and after going to the restroom.

Bonus: tampons are excellent in case of extreme nosebleeds.



Pads. Gross.

We all hate them. At home, I am absolutely opposed to using them for so many reasons. So why do I keep a host of them tucked throughout my backpack? Because they are life savers!

When your tampon fails you (because you went too long without a change, because you’re being turned inside out, because Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on you) who has got your back?

Pad. Pad has your back(side). Do you want to wake up in the morning and find your bed looks like a crime scene? No, you don’t. So strap one on, and feel relief. Pads are also handy for overnight journeys- strip that bad boy off and feel 18.2% fresher.


Having a period while traveling

Not a shot glass, a menstrual cup!

The Great Menstrual Cup Debate

The Moon Cup. The Diva Cup. The Keeper. The medical grade silicone cup that is inserted into your hoo-haa, serving as a plastic receptacle for.. well, blood. This is a great environmental alternative to pads and tampons, but if you already have an IUD you might need to check with your gyno to make sure it’s okay.

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