In the interest of increasing overland travel, I’ve done some finger-breaking internet research to find the best sites on bus travel. These are excellent resources for planning and price comparison, but sometimes it’s more economical to show up at the local bus station (at least an hour before bus departure!) and get your tickets there. If you like to have your ducks in a row, go ahead and book online- if you’re more easygoing, take a chance and show up at the station.

Also, apologies for only having completed Europe and USA. I am presently in SE Asia, and will be coming out with the best bus sites for  this area as soon as I can. Do you have the downlow on buses anywhere else in the world? Drop it in the comments, and I will be sure to do a write up on them, giving you all the internet glory.

[quote] Brandy says: Many major cities have more than one bus station. Double, and triple check which station your bus leaves from. Nothing worse than buying a ticket online and showing up at the wrong terminal, missing your bus and not getting your money back. Take it from me. [/quote]




 Go To Bus

Go To Bus offers several discount packages from top destinations,round trip fares, and lush buses. I’d recommend checking the prices on Greyhound first, and then coming here to buy after comparing. Sometimes you’re only paying about $5 more, and for what can be a multiple day journey, you’re going to love every penny you spent on the difference.


Good Ol Greyhound

The bus line we all know and hate. To be fair, I’ve not ridden the Greyhound in a long time, but the last time I did, it was not pleasant. Imagine scraping the lower echelon of the scariest places in the USA, and putting them in a metal box on wheels. Having said that, you really meet interesting characters and might have some excellent stories to tell at the end of your journey. Worth a shot, as long as you have your rabies shots. Usually the cheapest for bus travel in the USA.






Eurolines is great as they book directly through the major European Bus Lines, but you probably gleaned that from the name, didn’t you? They prove to be an accurate search engine for showing you which line to use. From there, to save yourself a few bucks, it’s also worth googling that particular company to see if they have any online coupon codes or promotions that aren’t listed on their site. Now you’re getting the hang of this!


Busabout has got me excited about Bus Travel. A cool group of people who get what it means to be a traveler with a small budget and big dreams. They cover trips such as Oktoberfest and La Tomatina,offer multi-destination flexi-passes, and one way legs as well. Founded by a group of travelers, they’ve got your back(pack). Check out the site if you’re looking for an easy booking option and fun atmosphere.


  Train and Bus

I was going to recommend this site, now I am leaving this link here to point out how crappy this service is. They appear to offer great rates for all the early comers, only problem? Bookings need to be handled by phone. At 60p per minute from landlines, and “varying rates” from mobile phones, I say no thank you to this site. Still a good resource for those who wish to check out fares and buy elsewhere.


Seat 61

God bless the man in Seat 61. Do you want to know anything about how to travel by train or boat, almost anywhere in the world? Mark has got you covered, just don’t sit in his seat! This site is stacked with information. To be fair to my readers, it’s a bit confusing to navigate, so I recommend using it once you have your ideas solid. Once you see how easy Mark has made it to travel overland, you may never want to take a plane again! Hands down, the most useful resource in overland travel.


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