Let me set the scene. You’re on the budget overnight bus, which is a steal at only $11 for a 15 hour journey. The problem? There is only one stop, and that was a few hours ago. Your water bottle is now empty and your bladder is full. There’s no bathroom on the bus. What do you do? If you’re a man- you whip it out and fill that bottle back up.

Us ladies simply don’t have that ability… or do we? Hold your horses girls, because the Female Urination Device(FUD) is coming to the relieving-yourself-rescue.

female urination device

not to be confused with a beer bong

Straight from the pStyle site “the pStyle is a device that allows women to pee standing up without undressing. Because it’s made up of rigid plastic, it’s easily maneuvered through clothing. The unique funnel shape directs the flow away from the body. The rounded back edge can be used to wipe, so there are no drips!”


Brandy says: While I’ve not yet used a FUD I’ve met several trusty female travelers on the road who swear by theirs. There are several companies who have jumped on this bathroom-bandwagon. Here are a the three main models that I am interested in: The Shepee  The Go-Girl and the pStyle . Have you tried a FUD? Would you? Let’s hear your thoughts and comments girls.



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