What to do when the cash runs out? Eventually all those pennies you saved will fall from between your fingers like sand in an hourglass and you’ll be left clutching a fist full of receipts in a language you probably can’t read. Don’t panic. Okay, panic a little. Now, take a breath and get ready to click these links.


[quote] Brandy says: getting an illegal job abroad is wrong, and definitely illegal, as the name says. Having said that, here are a bunch of places where you can score a job abroad. Not that I recommend it… wink wink, nod nod. Lastly, let it be said- even in this era of the internet, there are still message boards in local cafes and libraries where people are using the good old fashioned paper route- don’t discount them! [/quote]


 Jobs Abroad

Allows you to choose by category and job type. Granted, a lot of these are English teaching positions, but hey- you are reading this web page, it’s fair to assume you speak English. Some of these opportunities require commitments and signatures; if you’re not ready for that, scroll down and look at a few other resources.


 Any Work, Anywhere

It’s all in the name guys. Hit this site up if you’re willing to do any work, anywhere. Read the disclaimer below the search regarding visa and paperwork requirements, and double check with your future employer regarding how much attention you need to pay to that. Now dust off your CV (maybe you know this as resume) and start applying.


Hostel Jobs

The name’s not exactly creative, but I’ll forgive them because they’re the best. Hostel Jobs offers guides on how to get work in hostels and has hundreds of postings all around the world. Are you sitting there wondering “how can I get work at a hostel?” or more realistically, are you sitting in a hostel lounge wondering “how did THIS guy get a job at a hostel? I should be working here”. This site is probably how.


Jobs in New Zealand 

Living in, and loving New Zealand? Look at this glorious job board! Everything from working reception in a hostel to fruit picking. This is the life! Get clickin, get pickin, keep traveling.


Cruise Ship Jobs

Got your sea legs? You’re going to need them for this Cruise Line of Work (terrible joke, I apologize).

Attempts at being witty aside, this is the one stop shop to make your sea dreams come true. Work as a deck hand, or a beautician- if you’re skilled, there’s even openings for entertainers. Always wanted to bring your guitar on the open seas? You’re only a few clicks away!


For when you wanna be down under: Australia Jobs



Jobaroo? Sounds like a joke- but it’s most definitely not. Retail jobs, seasonal jobs, construction jobs, education… okay, you get the point. Lots of work in many fields all for one great big continent. Are you a traveler looking for work in Australia? You need Jobaroo.



This is a professionally laid out site, offering jobs in several fields. Aside from having the ability to choose your job by region, WorkStay conveniently also lists many fruit growers, vineyards, and recruitment agencies in Australia. If you’re not able to find a job through their site (or the others listed here) then start manually getting in contact with companies on the lists. I bet someone will want your hard working hands, and appreciate the initiative.



 Backpacker Job Board

Give it up for Australia, they’ve got the handle on using backpackers to get things done. This is a comprehensive job board that covers a wide ranges of opportunities. Everything from homestays to working as a deckhand to sail on a yacht to Thailand for free. You read that right. Start browsing now.

Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you have! Do you feel all pumped up and ready to hit the road? Go ahead and check everything off your backpacking list and live your dreams. :) Looking for more travel inspiration? Make sure to join our monthly newsletter which includes new travel resources, a photo essay and always something fun; even if you can't hit the road yet, I'll bring you traveling with me. Sign up now above! For all the legalese on the site check out My Disclaimer. Old Paper by

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