Brandy says: It’s no secret that when we travel, we change. We adapt to each city we are invited in, each friendship that is forged in the wee hours of cramped travel, each meal that pleases our palate, or perhaps, turns our stomachs. You’re thinking about travel, and want to know what to expect from the road.  You will be changed, and it will be for the better. Don’t take my word for it, listen to these travel quotes from fellow travelers. Above all, remember we all have to start somewhere. Read these. Get inspired. Get traveling.



travel inspiration quotes

Maja meets a donkey in the streets of Morocco

Travel made me realize how small the world is. Having so many friends in so many places makes everything real, makes everything attainable, makes the colors of life more vivid.

We can go ANYWHERE. People in Syria and and Nigeria have the same fun we have, even if their daily lives include worries ours don’t. We are all the same – we are not nationalities; we are people. Love is everywhere and stretches very far.
It also made me appreciate real toilets, the extent to which driers are unnecessary, and that you do not automatically lose weight if you move to a country full of thin people and delicious pastries… as if I could give a damn.” – Maja Seitz

Traveling taught me a lot

Jessica in Marrakesh, Morocco


“Travel has made me more aware of me. I learn more about myself while on the road than anywhere else.I never feel better about myself or my purpose in life than when I’m traveling. I always come up with my best plans and dreams while I am traveling. I meet the most amazing people who totally understand what I’m talking about. It’s given me the ‘I can make it happen’ attitude. I’ve found that many people don’t believe they can go to Ghana or Thailand or Mexico just because they want to, but I do…and I will. Selfish answer, but good selfish.” – Jessica Johnson 




traveling has made me grow up

Once a shy boy, Fernando now knows no fear.


“I was once cripplingly shy and through traveling managed to overcome that barrier which separated me from the world. It worked because leaving behind your environment and rational/emotional shortcuts forces you to rethink your whole life and see yourself with clarity. I grow & learn at 12x the speed when I’m away; change that happens so fast is visible and inspiring. Traveling has made me believe in the unwavering kindness of complete strangers. Open your heart and nothing can go wrong.” – Fernando Souza 



“ Traveling has allowed me to reach deeper into my soul and re-evaluate the information that had been fed to me over the years. Travel has allowed me to see, reflect and contribute to more positive forms of humanity.

If people could just stop for two seconds, open their minds and reject the bullshit that a rich white man feeds them, the world would be a much better place.” – Tobi Zidell


travel changed my life for the better

Annabell replaying a travel memory…


 “Travel has taught me a deep respect for other cultures – their values, traditions, customs, beliefs, joys and sorrows, view of life, art, food.

Travel is the most profound eye-opener I know, and it brings with it tolerance, flexibility, curiosity and the irreversible expansion of one’s horizons. Not to forget the pure awe of all the natural beauty this world has to offer – how can we not want to preserve what has been entrusted to us once we’ve seen how gloriously beautiful it can be?!?” – Annabell O’Connor 


travel broadens the mind

Awen and a friend enjoying the Holi Festival of Colors

“Traveling has taught me that any decision I make is fine, and I’ll always benefit and become wiser whichever way I choose to go. It’s taught me to chill, trust the Flow and become more intuitive. In that sense, travel has also taught me nobody is fundamentally right and nobody is fundamentally wrong either; so it’s okay to be a freak, to be a genious, to be a monster, to be me.

Perhaps most importantly, travel has taught me that self-reliance is the greatest gift of Freedom, and that relying on oneself also means asking for help, not from a place of need, but from a place of curiosity. Surfing somebody else’s couch, borrowing somebody else’s item, eating a meal prepared by somebody else or asking for directions will always show you there are more ways than one to get from A to B. The whole difference between distraction and a miraculous gift is all but a perspective. Travel is the supreme exercise in shifting perspectives.” – Awen Salotto


“Don’t be afraid to try something and fail. Failure, especially while stepping outside of your comfort zone, gives you the opportunity to really know yourself. It means you’re taking risks. It forces you to adapt and look at the world differently. Failure allows you to embrace the worst moments and savor the best.” – The Nomad Grad





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  1. February 27, 2013 @ 6:52 pm Gigi

    For some, a fetish is clothes, shoes, perfumes… but for me it’s TRAVELLING!!!

    Nothing in the world makes me feel more alive and more fulfilled! Visitng world renowned tourist attractions, meeting people, experiencing culture first hand,and building great friendships all contribute to creating memories that last a life time…. memories that ALWAYS bring a smile to my face even when i’m most under the weather.

    Travelling has expanded my mind and given me a deep appreciation for other cultures, traditions and ways of life. It has even inspired me to adopt some of the positive practices and beliefs which i learnt during my visits in my daily life as i strive to be an overall better person.


  2. February 4, 2015 @ 12:13 pm Kenapa Traveling? | Ransel Ijo

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