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Brandy Bell loves adventuring around the world. She's been a solo female traveler since 2006 and has visited over 25 countries, made countless international friends, and now writes to inspire you to travel in a sustainable and responsible way.


An Overview of Iceland

If you’re a Vikings Fan you’ve no doubt been encouraged by the outstanding footage of Norway and Iceland. When I first saw Floki land on the volcanic shores, I felt the same excitement and majesty of such a severe terrain. Iceland is not a country to veer off the beaten path, the well-trodden routes are…


Back in Athens, this time at the NEW Hotel

Just a leisurely ten-minute stroll from the heart of the action in Athen’s Syntagma plaza lies the unassuming entrance of NEW Hotel, a YES! Hotels location. Passing from the cold and windy street into the warm, eclectic lobby truly sets the tone of the stay. Repurposed wood from the previous hotel design sticks out from…


Eco-Friendly Los Cabos Vacation

Los Cabos, Mexico is a beachgoers dream: crystal blue waters teeming with life, natural stone arches framing the waters and friendly people abound. For those who are looking for an easy getaway, the swim up bars and beachside cocktails of major resorts are a large draw. This former fishing village has seen rapid growth in…


An Abrupt Goodbye to Bali

What could possibly go wrong? We’d just extended our tourists visas, paid the rent for a few more months, and were comfortably settling into the humid routine of Ubud’s outskirts. Our house overlooked a beautiful backyard dotted with papaya, banana, and the obligatory rice paddies. In the morning our neighbor would let a flock of…


Winter is Coming, and We are Going….

In just 34 days we will arrive in Greece, where we will be housesitting seaside villas on Evia Island. Though it’s only two hours from Athens, it feels like an isolated paradise. Sunrise comes from the right, straight out of the sea and mornings are lit up like fresh orange juice we sip on our…


Eating Berlin: A Vegan’s Guide

Landing in Berlin was a dream come true. We’d just come from Morocco and had been on a steady diet of tomato cucumber salad, couscous, and tajines for five weeks. We were really looking forward to landing in one of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities! Walking down the street we saw loads of shops sporting…


A Night at Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury Collection Hotel Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury Collection Hotel is a quiet and elegant haven right off Syntagma Square, the beating heart of Athens. High ceilings and intricate marble floors absorb the sound and heat of the street, giving the large lobby a welcoming sense of calmness. We arrived after a long journey including off-roading, ferry, bus,…


Housesitting in Evia, Greece

Today we woke up here. It’s our third week house sitting on the island of Evia, about thirty minutes from Nea Styra, Greece. From bed I look at the sea, it’s rough today, there’s been a storm passing through the last three nights and the strong winds push the fresh salty air through the eucalyptus…


One Green Bunny Brings Vegan Cooking Classes to Madrid

Maddy and I love taking cooking classes around the world — from Bangkok to Marrakech and everywhere in between, so when we saw an ad on Facebook for a vegan brunch cooking class in Madrid… well, we just had to go! Monta of One Green Bunny is something of a vegan superhero at home in…


Banibanoo, A Persian Kitchen in Madrid

My expectations for Persian cuisine are very high ever since I had the chance to host some wonderful Couchsurfers from Tehran a few years ago. I still remember the fragrant smells of lemon rind and sautéed onions wafting all the way down the corridor, welcoming me into my own home before I even opened the…

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