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Maddy joined It's One World Travel in 2014 as Director of Photography and spends most of his free time behind the lens. Aside from photography he also enjoys running, making short films, learning new languages and exploring.


Madrid Christmas Photo Essay

Have you ever visited Europe during Christmastime? It’s absolutely a magical time of year whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Strolling around Madrid once the lights go on is one of the best (and free!) activities the city has to offer.  Start on Calle Alcala and follow the brightest lights towards the center of the…

Behind The Scenes of a Travel Writer at FITUR 2015

Behind The Scenes of a Travel Writer at FITUR 2015

Ever wondered how travel writers land those jobs and who decides what the future of travel will look like? Take a sneak peek stroll through the travel industry expo FITUR 2015. We join Diana Edelman and have the opportunity to sit down with Petra of @visitljubljana to learn all about her beloved city; learn all…


ConCERT, Siem Reap, Cambodia

My first few days in Siem Reap,Cambodia knocked me off kilter. Poverty is in your face: children are at your feet, men without limbs are dragging themselves along the street, women are begging you to purchase their wares so they can feed their family, and babies are crying. The clothes are dirty, the words are…

haven siam reap volunteering

HAVEN, Siem Reap

Sitting in a small Siem Reap cafe, I overheard a conversation about a place called HAVEN. It sounded outstanding: a restaurant that trains local young adults and then places them in jobs where they can use their skills to create a life for themselves. Ideal. Braving the fear of rejection, I wrote to the owners…

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