Sometimes We All Feel It.

Sometimes I find myself scared to admit what I am feeling. Sometimes I hesitate to share when I feel this thing that goes beyond sadness. Sometimes I actually forget that I have it until it comes out of nowhere, like a whack-a-mole hammer blasting me into a hole, leaving me with an aching head. Sometimes…

Relief Efforts by UK Aid Pictures: Russell Watkins/DFID Flickr

Disaster Relief Tourism : How To Help

If you’ve been heartbroken by the recent tragedy in Nepal, you’re not alone. While this awful occurrence has brought out the worst from Mother Nature it’s also bringing out the best in human hearts. Many people want to drop everything and rush to put themselves to work, but is that the right thing to do…


Our Jungle House in Khao Sok : An Experience Like No Other

Arriving at Our Jungle House (OJH) was like going back to childhood when I had a treehouse in my backyard. Oftentimes I would pretend that I was surrounded by jungle, rivers, wildlife, and curious monkeys. Today, I didn’t need to pretend – it was my reality. Getting to Our Jungle House From Surat Thani As…

Image credit Madalin T.

Romantic Paris Hotels Under $100 Per Night – Hipmunk City Love

Paris is world-renowned for being two things: romantic and expensive. But is it possible to have romance in Paris without spending a fortune? Absolutely. The city itself is bursting with charming alleyways, overflowing with flowers and street music which cost nothing to enjoy. But when it comes to finding a Paris hotel, prices can range…

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