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Romantic Paris Hotels Under $100 Per Night – Hipmunk City Love

Paris is world-renowned for being two things: romantic and expensive. But is it possible to have romance in Paris without spending a fortune? Absolutely. The city itself is bursting with charming alleyways, overflowing with flowers and street music which cost nothing to enjoy. But when it comes to finding a Paris hotel, prices can range…

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Planning a Conscious Visit to Naples, Italy

Contrary to initial appearances, Naples is a leader in sustainable tourism in Italy and well aware that they need to protect their beautiful natural resources which draw so many tourists if they wish for it to be an ongoing business. What does this mean for you on your upcoming trip to Naples? If you want…

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What Is Agritourism Anyway?

Agri-tourism. Agro-tourism. Potato. Potato. It’s a phrase you hear a lot, and maybe you’re unsure of it’s connotations. That’s okay!  If you’re like me you might have imagined agritourism as a schoolbus full of kids going to the miserable local farm where they see some animals and forget about the experience by the time they…

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An Eco-Friendly Side of Honolulu, Hawaii

Of course sun worshipping, long walks on the beach, and becoming one with nature are at the top of your to-do list in Honolulu, the gem of Hawaii. This breathtaking spot will remind you of all the reasons we need to protect and preserve our planet as we enjoy the privilege of traveling it. Learn…

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