Our Jungle House in Khao Sok : An Experience Like No Other

Arriving at Our Jungle House (OJH) was like going back to childhood when I had a treehouse in my backyard. Oftentimes I would pretend that I was surrounded by jungle, rivers, wildlife, and curious monkeys. Today, I didn’t need to pretend – it was my reality. Getting to Our Jungle House From Surat Thani As…

temple tree resort langkawi

Is Temple Tree the Best Resort Ever?

As we pulled into the rocky driveway of Temple Tree Resort on Langkawi the sun was just starting to dip into the ocean, casting a beautiful orange light through the trees and onto the cobblestone path towards the reception area. We were welcomed with a delicious pineapple mint tea which was slightly effervescent and helped…


Amsterdam is One of Europe’s Greenest Cities

It’s common knowledge that you’re just as likely to see a traffic jam of bikes as you are to see cars in the heart of Amsterdam. In fact, the city has more bikes than people! More so than most European cities, Amsterdam is constantly lessening their impact on the environment and encouraging their residents to…


An Eco-Friendly Visit to Sonoma: Hipmunk City Love

California is known for eco-consciousness, and Northern California for an organic and natural approach to life. Sonoma is a destination renowned for wineries, acres of blossoming vineyards, and tasting rooms where one can easily spend a weekend sipping some of the nation’s finest wines. In keeping with the local’s view of conservation, here are some…


Enjoy Comfort and Eco-Friendliness in The District

Washington, District of Columbia, is world-renowned for being a leader in many things, but city leaders also are trying their hand at being the best in responsible tourism in the United States. Many of the highest-end hotels in the capital city have begun implementing sustainable practices and continue looking for ways to improve. There’s no…


Eating Vegetarian or Vegan In Istanbul : Hipmunk City Love

Traveling to Istanbul is a delight for the senses. The earthy and aromatic alley of the Spice Bazaar lure you in, the trickle of freshly squeezed oranges on street corners propels you forward, and the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the city is enough to make any traveler yearn for their next meal….


Hipmunk City Love: How To Eat Vegetarian or Vegan in Rome

Traveling to Italy for the food is a no-brainer. The famous pasta, pizza, and gelato are just as iconic as the Colosseum in Rome. However traveling as a vegetarian or vegan presents unique challenges. Luckily there are many tips and tricks that will help you enjoy the local cuisine without compromising your food beliefs. Let’s…


Supporting Green Hotels in Lahaina, Hawaii : Hipmunk City Love

Few destinations are as green in color as Hawaii, and Lahaina is among the best of the best. However it’s surprisingly challenging to find a hotel who takes the matter of being a green leader seriously in this island paradise. This list of Lahaina hotels represents those who are doing the best on the island….


Stockholm Airport Hotel Roundup: Hipmunk City Love

Flying into Stockholm and need a place to lay your head near the airport? You’re in luck! This roundup of hotels near the airport will have you covered. Everything from streamlined to plush Stockholm hotels are here: You’re sure to find what you need. Please note: If you have a long layover, some of these…


Planning a Conscious Visit to Naples, Italy

Contrary to initial appearances, Naples is a leader in sustainable tourism in Italy and well aware that they need to protect their beautiful natural resources which draw so many tourists if they wish for it to be an ongoing business. What does this mean for you on your upcoming trip to Naples? If you want…

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