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Walking the tightrope of “travel life” at home

You know who you are: the sweaty, dirty, often exhausted, sunburned and hungry ones. The ones who try to live in each country like it’s their own, who take a bite of culture so large it’s sometimes hard to swallow. Who feel the change inside themselves with every country they enter, and feel a small part of their heart break with each country they leave.

marrakesh square, morocco

Morocco. Marvelous, Magical, Morocco.

In the city there was a man with no arms or legs. He obviously had no means of making money, so every day his neighbor would carry his stump of a body (there really is no other way to put it) to the main street where he would wait for passersby to give him a coin or two. I hid in an alleyway across from him and watched for 20 minutes. Nearly every Moroccan who passed tossed in money, some stopped to fan him because of the heat, some tilted his head back and poured their water into his parched mouth, some simply put their hand over their heart and smiled warmly at him.

souq in marrakech morocco

Morocco ~ Beyond Words

What can I even begin to tell you about this country? A picture is worth a thousand words, but none of them are the right ones to explain this beautiful country. It’s overwhelming at first. Everyone is shouting at you “you’re welcome in Morocco” and ushering you to their shop to drink their tea and…

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