Morocco Expert Tours Review

Discovering Ourika Valley, Galloping Goats, and Forging Friendships

After returning from our harrowing dessert trip with a different company (review coming soon, promise) I very nearly cancelled this trip since we were so traumatized… but in just a few minutes on our tour with Youssef of Morocco Expert Tours it was apparent this job is his passion. He’s put in the work to know…

Fleewinter School in Ait Bougemez

A School From Scratch in Morocco’s Mountains

We walk up the rocky goat’s path past the stone hearth that’s baked thousands of loaves of bread for the village, and come to the humble home of education in the valley of Ait Bouguemez. Using funds from Fleewinter’s bookings all over the world the manager of Rebali Riads, Mohamed El Mansouri headed the project…

Kasbah du toubkal review

Soul Searching at Kasbah du Toubkal

Today I’m blinded by the beauty of our planet and the people that reside on it. Today I am at Kasbah du Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, about 60 winding, and steep kilometers outside of Marrakech followed by a 15 minute walk up a rocky trail.  I’ve been looking forward to this stay…

villa maroc essaouira

Villa Maroc: The Lookout of Essaouira

After being stuffed in a closet-size room at our last hotel we were so thrilled when we arrived to Villa Maroc and they took us to the iconic lookout tower which stands watching over the city. We wound up the several flights of tricky spiral stairs and I felt like Rapunzel when I looked out…

Riad Baladin Essaouira

Back in Essaouira Basking on Riad Baladin’s Rooftop

We’ve been dropped off at the intersection of the beach and the medina and turn our backs to the shining sun. Though this wasn’t my first trip to Essaouira, it’s been my favorite. Maddy and I have been hopping around Riads every two nights and today we left Le Jardin de Douars to head back inside the…

Le Jardin Des Douars

A Photojourney of Le Jardin Des Douars

The driver goes painstakingly slow up the long driveway to Le Jardin Des Douars. He’s got a nice car and clearly doesn’t want to get it dirty, in fact at this rate it feels like we’d arrive faster by going on foot. This is part of the charm of our next visit, it’s tucked in…

staircase at Riad Zahra Essaouira

Trying New Things: Riad Zahra and Vegan Shoes

We made the mistake of walking to Riad Zahra from Madada Mogador  at 12 noon with our backpacks in the afternoon sun beating down on us. Why we constantly try to cut a few corners (especially when a taxi in Essaouira is only 70 cents) I’ll never know. Perhaps — at least for me — it’s…


Madada Mogador, the Home of Comfort in Essaouira

We arrived to Essaouira late at night on the Supratour from Marrakech (70 dirham and two hours for those wondering) and walked along the sidewalk parallel to the ocean. Though many touts were eager to bring us and our bags to the hotel we preferred to stretch our legs and enjoy a little silence. As…


Rest and Relaxation at Rebali Riads in Sidi Kaouki

Nothing could have prepared me for Rebali Riads. The car crept along the road and the tiny village of Sidi Kaouki came into view. A string of small guest houses, three restaurants, and a standalone cement room spray painted with “les legumes <——“ (the vegetables) comprised the town center. We’ll visit that treasure trove later….

azur art spa essaouira morocco

Breaking Mad: A Hammam and Gommage at Azur Spa

We’ve got an appointment at 3pm at Azur Art and Spa, it will be Maddy’s first hammam and non-sports massage so I try to prep him for what the experience will be like. Deep down I know it’s going to be lightweight torture for him, but I know he’s going to like it at the…

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