Image courtesy of Patrick Feller from Flickr

It’s Hip to be Green in Houston: Hipmunk City Love

Houston is taking their responsibility to the environment seriously; in 2010 they were named one of the top 10 greenest cities in the USA by! Here’s the best tips for being a responsible traveler on your next trip to Houston. Eat With Authenticity Benjy’s restaurant is a haven for those who are looking for…

street food hoi an quail egg pancake

Hoi An Food Tour : A Photo Journey

Food tours are an awesome way to get an inside look at the soul of a city. How, when, and where the locals eat are a crucial part of life – after all, we are all eating all day long, right? Madalin and I took the Hoi An Food Tour by Motorbike this week and…

Relief Efforts by UK Aid Pictures: Russell Watkins/DFID Flickr

Disaster Relief Tourism : How To Help

If you’ve been heartbroken by the recent tragedy in Nepal, you’re not alone. While this awful occurrence has brought out the worst from Mother Nature it’s also bringing out the best in human hearts. Many people want to drop everything and rush to put themselves to work, but is that the right thing to do…

Photo courtesy of Ron Reiring of Flickr

Soak in Views of Los Angeles from These Great Hotels

Los Angeles, LA, the City of Angels, Shaky Town, or La-La Land: no matter what you call it, there’s a certain attraction that only Los Angeles, California has. Maybe it’s the proximity to Hollywood, maybe it’s the fact that LA is a massive melting pot offering everything your heart could want. Whatever the draw is, it’s…

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