Photo courtesy NOAA National Ocean Service - Flickr

An Eco-Friendly Side of Honolulu, Hawaii

Of course sun worshipping, long walks on the beach, and becoming one with nature are at the top of your to-do list in Honolulu, the gem of Hawaii. This breathtaking spot will remind you of all the reasons we need to protect and preserve our planet as we enjoy the privilege of traveling it. Learn…

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Blue Elephant Bangkok : A Dinner To Remember

When I got the invitation to dine at the Blue Elephant Bangkok, I kind of stared blankly at my computer screen for a moment equal parts shocked and delighted. Naturally – no, obviously – I accepted! Thai food is one of my favorites, and I love cooking it, learning to cook it, and experimenting with…

These ALL come with the Energy Sistem Sport Cam Pro!

Looking for a Cheap Alternative to the GoPro Hero?

Are you looking for a cheap alternative to the GoPro that doesn´t fall apart in 1 month? Have I got the solution for you! Enter the Energy Sistem Sport Cam Pro: a lightweight, micro-sized sport camera that is perfect for all your video needs, especially when traveling. First, let´s start with the company Energy Sistem,…

İstiklal Avenue Photo Courtesy of Robin Robokow Flickr

The Best Business Hotels in Istanbul

As a city straddling two continents, it only makes sense that Istanbul would be an international business hub. If you’re coming to Istanbul for your big meeting or simply to scout out options for future business liaisons, you must find hotels in Istanbul which cater to exactly what you need. Here’s your list of the best…

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