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Hola, Hello, Bonjour! Welcome and thank you for stopping by   It’s One World Travel is chock full of juicy travel information so let me show you around. First, if you wanna know more about me and why you should listen to anything I write you can look over on the right and see my…

Photo	by	Michael Coghlan/Flickr.

Please Be Patient : Update in Progress

Uh oh! Today was the day of the big update to my site, and it didn’t go as smoothly as I would like. Some features of the site are slow, missing, or in the complete wrong location. Instead of panicking (which was my initial reaction) I’m allowing myself the time to put the pieces of…

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Guerrilla Packs GIVEAWAY!

Not all bad reviews have bad endings! A few years ago, I purchased the Guerrilla Pack and took it on a four month journey with me… It fell apart when I needed it most, and left my belongings unsecured and my back aching. To prevent other travelers from making the same purchase mistake, I went…

tram in Oporto, Portugal

Summer 2014 Recap

After taking a few months off of writing for the website, it’s only fair to let you know what’s been keeping me away. Since my blogger’s burnout, I found myself loving less the travel writing world, but never did I stop loving travel, it simply felt cast in another light : it became “real work”;…

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