St Regis Bali’s Bloody Mary Spa Ritual

“Welcome back to the St Regis,, ” says the bellhop as he opens the taxi door. I get out and step into another world. The sound of  traditional music echoes off marble, the heady scent of plumeria floats through the wide lobby on a fresh breeze blowing from the ocean just 200 meters away. Maddy…


Amazing Pizza, Brownies and More in Madrid at Pura Vida Vegan Bar

Madrid’s catching onto the vegan scene, in the last year alone over eight new plant-based places have popped up all over the city. One with rave reviews within their first week caught our eye, Pura Vida Vegan Bar, so we stopped in on our whirlwind visit to Madrid. You can find Pura Vida Vegan Bar off…


Fine Art and Great Food in London

London is a feast for the senses. Whether it’s taking in a deep breath of fresh air at one of the many outdoor areas or inside the splendid British Museum, there’s no shortage of stimuli in this city. But apart from this famous museum, there are others well worth a look, namely the Natural History…


Arts, Culture, and a Cup of Coffee in Melbourne

Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia, is home to 4 million people who love a good show, whether it’s at the opera or the rugby stadium. The city is known as the cultural capital of the country, and its live music and street art scene only adds to the city’s growing reputation. If you’re looking…


Enjoy London in an Environmentally and Budget-Friendly Way

No trip to the United Kingdom is complete without a visit to London. If you’re lucky enough to visit when the weather is divine, give your holiday a more environmentally friendly boost by walking as much as possible. When walking isn’t an option, do as the locals do and hop on the Underground. Discover some…


Expat Living in Madrid: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You

You’ve taken the big plunge and committed to a year in Spain—congratulations! Enhorabuena! Once the initial glee of excitement at your upcoming trip wears off, you might be left with quite a few questions. I know I was. Let’s take a look at basing yourself in the heart of the country, Madrid. How Can I Make…


Skyroam Portable Router Review

When you travel carry-on there’s a high bar for what makes the backpack. In our case, we bring only the bare essentials for working and living abroad. But we’ve come across a new possession that has rapidly become our favourite and most indispensable item. Say hello to the Sykroam and say adios to multiple SIM…


In Search of a Responsible Safari: Kenya

Ever since I was a little girl the idea of roaming the plains of Africa enticed me. Back then Africa was a giant piece of the globe I had no in depth understanding of and all the countries melded together into this large and elusive land where lion cubs roamed elephant graveyards and ran from…


Celebrate Earth Day by Following these Responsible Tourism Bloggers

What better way to celebrate our beautiful planet than by getting inspiration for ethical travel. This awesome group of people are taking a stand in the way they do business, and are here today to share their thoughts on what responsible tourism means for our earth. Make sure you check out their sites and follow them on…

Morocco Expert Tours Review

Discovering Ourika Valley, Galloping Goats, and Forging Friendships

After returning from our harrowing dessert trip with a different company (review coming soon, promise) I very nearly cancelled this trip since we were so traumatized… but in just a few minutes on our tour with Youssef of Morocco Expert Tours it was apparent this job is his passion. He’s put in the work to know…

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