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Romantic Paris Hotels Under $100 Per Night – Hipmunk City Love

Paris is world-renowned for being two things: romantic and expensive. But is it possible to have romance in Paris without spending a fortune? Absolutely. The city itself is bursting with charming alleyways, overflowing with flowers and street music which cost nothing to enjoy. But when it comes to finding a Paris hotel, prices can range…

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Your Quick Guide to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona. The very name causes so many images to spring to mind: the dramatic and looming Sagrada Familia, with construction spanning hundreds of years; the whimsical, colorful, playground-like park that is Parc Guell; and let’s not forget La Boqueria, the one-stop-shop for all the culinary delights that Barcelona has to offer. With a lot to…

Seattle's Beautiful. Image courtesy of Maëlick Flickr

Planning Your Eco-Friendly Visit to Seattle

It’s called Emerald City largely because of its green backdrop, but there’s more to the green side of Seattle than the plethora of verdant plant life. This is your guide to learning how to be a responsible visitor in Seattle and making sure your visit leaves a positive impact in your wake. Get Around With…


Is Madrid The Liveliest City in the World?

Madrid is one of the most alive cities in the world — except during siesta — but it can be challenging to know just when and where to find the action in the city. Here’s a few times the city is most vibrant; these are unique Madrileño moments that should not be missed. Stroll Through El Rastro on…

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