You know how sometimes it feels great to be a girl- walk into a room and own the place, have literal and figurative doors opened for you, and feel totally powerful and sexy?

Well, backpacking isn’t (usually) one of those times. Without further ado, let’s list all the extra things you’re going to need to bring simply because you’re in possession of a vagina.



Yeast Infection Cream. Gross.

Tropical climates, not enough underwear changes, too few showers… there’s so many reasons why something can go wrong with your Holiest of Holies while traveling. Bringing a dose of a Y.I. cream will prevent you having to explain to the pharmacist what you need, and why you need it. Imagine the charades for explaining an itchy vagina? Yeah, didn’t think you want to have to do that. Instead of bringing a messy tube, bring a pill dosage and cross your fingers (and legs) that you don’t have to use it.


Tampons, Pads, Diapers..

Whatever you use to keep it clean during that TOM. For more about the business of bleeding, check out this link.



A bra is your best breast friend. She picks you up when you’re down. She doesn’t tell when you pad the truth. She is always supportive and close to your heart. Choose your bras carefully! Bring a good bra that is comfortable for 12 or more hours, but still gives you shape and happiness. Bring a sports bra for all those awesome treks and jumping jacks. If you’re feeling girly, bring a third bra – the “va-va-voom” bra aka the “It’s going down tonight” bra.


Hair Ties / Bobby Pins

Unless you’ve got chic short hair, odds are that your tresses are going to be all up in your business when you don’t want them to be. Bring a few extra of these and stash them around your bag. Sometimes finding a bobby pin is like winning the lottery- you know I’m right.



Cause, duh. Check this info on sex-on-the-road out.



It’s not a “necessity”, but yes it is. Moisturizer (make it tinted), waterproof mascara, and tinted lip balm are the basics. A good blush can also double as eyeshadow and an eyeliner always adds easy drama. I’ll stop there because I could go forever.


For truly girly guides, check out Travel Fashion Girl, she balances form, function, and fashion for girls on the go.


Girls, what am I missing? Do you backpack with something that I have simply forgotten? Drop it in the comments!


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