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My Top Three Travel Memories

After my good friend Alex, founder of Travel Fashion Girl passed the Blogger Relay Baton to me, I realized what a predicament I was in. Choosing my three favorite travel memories was a difficult exercise in elimination. With a memory that is saturated in rich colors, exotic flavors, and unforgettable moments spent all over this…

Goat Herder with Roaming Hands

Drive By Molesting- would you like fries with THAT?

After about 2 km I saw a man who was probably on vacation from playing Grandfather Time. Seriously, he’s old! His back was bent in the arch that makes you want to roll a matchbox cars down it (just me? okay then..). I slowed the car out of respect and waited for the obligatory “Herete”. He indicated for me to stop and so I did. He asked if I had a cigarette, sadly, I did not. Then he saw the camera I had just used to photograph the goats. He smiled excitedly and motioned I should take a photo of him. Great idea, I’ve found Moses and now I can document it.

Don’t Drink the (Holy) Water

He says “oh good, this is holy water and my mother was afraid you would throw it away because you don’t understand what it is. We must bring this to her, it is very important!” Then I look at him rather sheepishly and tell him I drank the water, but refilled it with tap water- and would she know the difference?

I’ve got an appetite for lighting dynamite…

I enjoyed watching the lightning display for 3 hours, until the thunder and lightning gave way to the first colors of the morning. Soaking wet, with the thunder above my head and the lightning bleaching the sky to a fluorescent white- I heard the beating of my heart growing stronger, the adrenaline pumping through my body from head to toe, I breathed in deeply, and even the air felt electric.

Why Am I So In Love With Greece?

The spirit of Greece is what keeps me coming back. The feeling in the air every minute of every day. I set foot on the street and feel the earth giving me life. I place my hand on the ancient marble column and there is an invisible umbilical cord, feeding my soul.

trapped in my hostel olympia greece

TRAPPED! In my Hostel!

Then he comes back to the room 4 minutes later and says “IT’S THE ONE OF APRIL!!!!” Ahhh. April Fools- you don’t have a balcony… ha… ha… ha…. I’m not sure if I like this guy…

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