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14 or 15 MORE things I’ve learned while traveling

Use smiles with caution. “you’re never fully dressed without a smile!” Ugh. just hearing that phrase makes me ill. Luckily, I’m not alone. I mean, for one, smiling at a dog is baring your teeth and that’s a sign of aggression… but more importantly in many cultures a smile is an invitation, usually to a pants party.

Robbed while backpacking around the world trip

Robbed While Traveling Abroad. Now what?

I rested my head on the cold marble pillar of the club for a few seconds, gaining strength to open my eyes and face my new world. When I opened my eyes I realized exactly what this meant. I have no cash, I have no passport, I have no identification or means of getting money- in a word, I am screwed.

Tapas, Wine, Tapas, Wine, Tapas, Wine, Beer, Beer, Beer

After this delicious little bite, we finished our glasses and set off for the next place in search of patatas bravas- but the bar was too crowded to get in the door, so we skipped it and headed for Pata Negro- a Jamonero. I thought about having a little jamon (since I am in Spain after all) but decided the blue cheese and tomato preserve bocadillo sounded better. It was ridiculously great. It deserved a moment of silence- it was that good.

Barcelona Spain Travel Day

On My First Time in Barcelona, Spain

I didn’t write down the address of my hostel before getting to the airport! That’s okay I said, and checked my internet in Athens Int’l. I started to write down walking directions, and then my ADHD kicked in. I don’t know what happened or how it happened, but my directions stopped in the center of an intersection, with no hostel in sight.

olympic arch ancient olympia greece

Leaving Olympia, Greece Breaks My Heart

I will miss the sound of the checkers clacking on the worn wooden backgammon board, the laughter of the children playing tag in the streets, the sun sifting itself through the leaves of the elm at Tops cafe, and the sight of Katerina bumming cigarettes from tourists. This is my Olympia, and I will always return here and find exactly what I left- because it is intangible.


Learning Languages is Hard

Now I realize my I am losing the English battle. When I wish to tell someone I am going to my house in English, it comes out as “I go house mine sleeping now”. Wow- a drunk 4 year old can do better. What happened? The sentence structure of nearly every other language I know has caught up to me. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, its a freaking free-for-all in my brain.

Top 5 Things I Miss about California

I adore cuisine from all over this world, and there is nothing like home made tsatziki and a Greek salad with fresh bread to satiate my mouth, but damnit- sometimes I want to feel the fire of Mexican food in my mouth, and the cooling creaminess of an avocado… yeah, I want that. Specifically the best avocados FROM….

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