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Finding Vegan Food in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for their famous Creme Catalan, La Boqueria Market with the massive butcher section, and Las Ramblas which is home to many overpriced paella dishes. So where is one to find a good meal? Forget about ordering the veggie sandwiches as they usually come with tuna. The following restaurants are 100% vegan, but…

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Going, Going, Green! Amsterdam’s Conscious Side

Visiting Amsterdam is wonderful for so many reasons: lush greenery, tranquil alleyways, and the simple beauty of the slow rhythm of life, some things about Amsterdam just never change. However a new trend is taking root and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere: the city is taking major strides towards becoming an even greener destination….

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Amsterdam is One of Europe’s Greenest Cities

It’s common knowledge that you’re just as likely to see a traffic jam of bikes as you are to see cars in the heart of Amsterdam. In fact, the city has more bikes than people! More so than most European cities, Amsterdam is constantly lessening their impact on the environment and encouraging their residents to…

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Off The Beaten Path in Istanbul

Everyone knows about the Aya Sofia, the Blue Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar, but what about those who want to scratch a little more off the surface? Try these fun activities to get into the spirit of Istanbul like a local while being a responsible traveler. Hit the Thrift Shops Istanbul is the bridge between…

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A Hammam, One of Istanbul’s Most Relaxing Spots

If you’re going on vacation to Istanbul, planning to wind down and catch your breath, make sure you schedule time for a spa day. A spa day in Turkey, however, is unlike any other in the world. Turkey is famous for Turkish baths — imagine a grand marble palace where you can let your hair down…

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A Mindful Visit to Portland Oregon

Portland is a hub for all things hipster, organic, and eco-friendly, which makes it the ideal destination for your next mindful visit. There’s never a shortage of sustainable activities to choose from. Whether you’re into craft beers brewed in small batches, or the best in secondhand shopping, there’s a reason Portland captures so many hippie…

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Sustainable Travel in Portland, Oregon

In what has become a hipster haven, Portland has taken the entire world by storm through the hit Independent Film Channel’s TV show “Portlandia,” with the city portrayed as an eating, drinking, bobo paradise. Find your slice of Portland by navigating your way through the culinary scene, starting with sustainable and responsible tour operators.   Brush Up…

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Keeping it Weird in Austin: Hipmunk City Love

The motto “Keep Austin Weird” speaks volumes about the city. This is a place where you can (figuratively) kick off your shoes and feel right at home. These are your tips for feeling like a local in no time. You Have To Go To Hole in the Wall Did you know Austin is known as…

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An Eco-Friendly Visit to Sonoma: Hipmunk City Love

California is known for eco-consciousness, and Northern California for an organic and natural approach to life. Sonoma is a destination renowned for wineries, acres of blossoming vineyards, and tasting rooms where one can easily spend a weekend sipping some of the nation’s finest wines. In keeping with the local’s view of conservation, here are some…

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Feeling Eco-Friendly in Playa Del Carmen: Hipmunk City Love

It’s easy to be green in Playa del Carmen when the majority of your vacation will likely include lazing on the beach, eating local foods, and slowing down the pace. Spend Some Time With Nature The Sandos Caracol Eco Resort and Spa takes pride in being the top eco-hotel in the whole Mayan Riviera. If…

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