Cologne Image courtesy of Janayna Velozo Fickr

Responsible Tourism in Cologne, Germany

Cologne is a city that takes the environment seriously and encourages you to do the same, so making a responsible visit to the city helps you blend in right in with the locals. Whether you’re traveling to Cologne for business or pleasure there are ways to make your visit more sustainable while still having fun….

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Hipmunk City Love: The Most Charming Kowloon Hotels

Whether you’re coming to Kowloon to explore the vast array of beautiful goods for sale at one of the bustling markets, or have come to conduct international business, this guide to Kowloon Hotels with character will be your best friend. Space is at a premium in the city – one of the most densely populated…

Busted taking a selfie in Langkawi

The Best Smart Phone for International Travelers

Did you notice I’ve been posting more photos to my Facebook and twitter accounts? I’ll tell you why : I finally found a smart phone that fits into my traveling life and doesn’t cost a fortune. The Energy Sistem Energy Phone Max (besides being a mouthful to say) is the perfect solution to international travelers…

Image courtesy of Sandy Auriene Sullivan flickr

Hipmunk City Love: Savannah Hotels Under $85

Savannah, Georgia, is a dramatically beautiful city dripping romance at every corner, from majestic live oaks covered in Spanish Moss to the colonnaded multiple-story homes with expansive porches. Did you know there’s also a beach only a 20-minute drive away? No matter what draws you to this historic city, there’s one thing we can all…

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