Image courtesy of Jeff Turner from Flickr

Going Green in New Orleans: Hipmunk City Love

After the destruction that Hurricane Katrina left in her wake, plenty of New Orleans was left to rebuild. The city has done so in a sustainable way, with an eye on the future. Make sure your visit to the Big Easy helps the locals and their community by taking advantage of these conscious travel tips….

Image courtesy of Nan Palmero from Flickr

Going Green in San Antonio, Texas

While Texas doesn’t always jump out as a green leader, you’d be surprised to know that San Antonio offers some of the most thoughtful green programs in all of the United States. This is a collection of the most eco-conscious hotels in San Antonio offered by Hipmunk. Whether you are traveling for business or vacation,…

street food hoi an quail egg pancake

Hoi An Food Tour : A Photo Journey

Food tours are an awesome way to get an inside look at the soul of a city. How, when, and where the locals eat are a crucial part of life – after all, we are all eating all day long, right? Madalin and I took the Hoi An Food Tour by Motorbike this week and…

Relief Efforts by UK Aid Pictures: Russell Watkins/DFID Flickr

Disaster Relief Tourism : How To Help

If you’ve been heartbroken by the recent tragedy in Nepal, you’re not alone. While this awful occurrence has brought out the worst from Mother Nature it’s also bringing out the best in human hearts. Many people want to drop everything and rush to put themselves to work, but is that the right thing to do…

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