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Almost makes you feel like you can fly.
You can't. Don't try.

My piece of Granada, Spain

Last weekend I migrated South for the Winter to score some of the sun they’re hoarding down in Granada. After a cozy 5 hour bus ride from Madrid we arrived in the city at merienda time. Merienda is the Spanish tradition of never letting your body feel hunger. We fought the urge to grab the…

guerrilla packs review inspector gadget

Guerrilla Packs Review

  In preparation for the summer of 2012 I decided it was time to upgrade from my top loading Kelty backpack. After much research, and prompted by an article on Matador Network I found the backpack for me.   The Airporter, by Guerrilla Packs. Three bags rolled into one, approved size for carry-on luggage on…


Me Travel Pretty One Day

The best adventures don’t wait by hot showers, lurking under the silk sheets of a hotel waiting to catch you at your photogenic best. No, sadly (or wonderfully) these once in a lifetime travel experiences usually happen when you’re sweaty, disgusting, and definitely not so fresh-and-so-clean (clean). It never fails that at the pinnacle of…


The Great ComPEEtition – Winner and Giveaway!

Do you feel lucky?  Today begins the “What the FUD?” giveaway. Check out the article below to see who won the great comPEEtition and how you can win a FUD of your very own. If you don’t know what a FUD is, back up and read this article about whizzing like a.. well, a man….

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