Eating Vegan in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the city famous for indulgences is also a great place to detox and eat clean. Whether eating vegan is a lifestyle choice or you’re repenting for too many travel treats, take a look at the healthier side of Amsterdam with these delicious vegan restaurants. Oh, and don’t worry about the protein, most vegan food has enough protein to cover all your bases.

Image courtesy of Hernan Piñera from Flickr

Image courtesy of Hernan Piñera from Flickr

TerraZen joins two Worlds

What happens when the tangy Caribbean flavors meets the delicate Japanese cuisine? Meet dishes such as Nato, a fermented soybean dish basted in miso and smelling as strong as a sumo wrestler’s workout clothes that is an apparent favorite with those who’ve acquired the taste. While service is admittedly slower here, it’s likely because the owners take a laid back island style approach rather than the timely Japanese side, which shines through more in the kitchen. Burgers, chicken, and vegan sushi are all on the menu. If you’re feeling adventurous try the “Jamaican Plate” which entails whatever the chef feels like serving up. This is also a great place to take flexible friends as the chef is happy to customize orders as you’d like, TerraZen is well located and well-priced given the proximity to Dam Square and unique flavors.

Make it Your Own Way at Maoz

When you need food on the go and want to have clean fuel for the day choose Maoz.It’s a one stop shop for falafel sandwiches and salads that keeps your money in your wallet. Where else can you choose a wrap or a salad with a delicious hummus spread and unlimited toppings and get out the door for under five euro? Not many, that’s for sure! This makes a perfect picnic in case you’re hoping to do some people watching or spend time in Amsterdam’s very many green places.

Vegabond, Where a Traveling Vegan Feels At Home

When you are a plant powered vagabond traveler it can feel like Nirvana when you step into even the tiniest of shops with vegan friendly options. When you walk into Vegabond– it’s a whole new world. From the vanilla speckled cupcakes, carrot cakes, and bliss balls to the peanut butter smoothies, you will be in dessert heaven. Of course there’s more than sweet treats here, too.
Sandwiches are the specialty and for only five euro you can choose between whole grain breads or a handy wrap. With views of the park Jordaan and enough savoury snacks to keep you there all day Vegabond makes a great pit stop or start to your day. Take advantage of the fact they have a store as well, and stock up – you never know when you’re going to find a vegan restaurant with such a great take-home cheese selection.

Pro Tip: When you visit, be sure to end your meal with a coffee, the roast is perfect, the grind is fresh, and the price is budget friendly.

Image courtesy of Lukasz Lech from Flickr

Image courtesy of Lukasz Lech from Flickr

For more ways to find great vegan restaurants you can check out the international listings on Happy Cow and to save money so you can afford all that delicious and healthy food you can use Hipmunk to find cheap hotel rooms in Amsterdam!

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