The place to get your girly information that you don’t want to have to Google. Sometimes it’s not easy being a girl, hopefully these tips will make your travels easier and lessen the chance you have a monthly freak out session. Sadly, there’s nothing I can do about the PMS.


Exactly as it sounds, this page is all about female travel safety. Geared towards the solo female traveler, but also practical advice for groups of girls traveling together. Ranging from common sense to street ghetto. If you’ve always wondered how to be safe while traveling as a woman, give this a read.



I can’t really explain any further without giving it all away. This page is about peeing while standing up.



You know– THAT time of month. This page gets down and dirty on how to handle having your period on the road. Not for the squeamish, and definitely not for boys. Menstruation Cup debates, tampon chandeliers… It’s crazy in here.



This page should more likely be called, “How to keep your lady business in top form and your womb empty while traveling”, but that didn’t fit on the menu. Everything from STD’s to IUD’s in one convenient place.



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