Spoil Yourself Silly at the Luscious La Sultana Spa and Hammam

Entering the intricate golden doors of La Sultana the staff behind the counter greets me with a warm welcome. Before I know it  I’m whisked away down the grand hall with hanging lanterns past the dining room with their magnificent statues and fresh flowers.

Once in the spa the scent of fresh fragrances flirts with you, giving you a taste of what’s to come.
I’m given a robe and slippers as well as disposable underwear in a tray. She tells me to change and put my things in the tray and she puts it in my private locker.

Then I meet my hammam guide and am taken to the first room where she tells me to sit on the bench. The whole room is a marble beauty with golden touches. This is an immersion in heat and I am instantly sweating from every pore on my body while she rubs me down with the silky black soap that wafts eucalyptus and argan oil into the the thick steam.


Slowly the painted lines on the domed ceiling disappear from sight as the room soars ten degrees more and steam fills the room, billowing in to clean me from the inside out.

She leaves me to recline for a few moments. I follow my breath and am keenly aware of the feeling I’m being inflated and exhaling out any stress I’ve accumulated in the dusty streets of Marrakech.

The faucet lets out a slow drip; each drop sinking me deeper into a catatonic state where the most I could do was let my flesh melt away from the bone.


She comes back in, wraps me in a towel and takes me to the next room where I lay face down on the marble. She applies the exfoliating glove to her hand and begins to scrub me down, starting with my legs and ending with my scalp.

Her touch is firm yet gentle and I never want this part to end. With each pass she makes over my skin I can feel the old layers being sloughed off, and fresh, new, tender skin coming out to greet the steam.

She washes my hair and I’ve never felt more innocent. Next she massages my face in slow circular motions before pouring steaming hot water over me from silver buckets etched in gold. I believe I have died and been reincarnated as a princess.

The final step: she rubs me with a green gel that smells of aloe and essential oils. She says it’s to protect and hydrate the skin after the scrub, or gommage.

Now she leads me to an Adirondack chair where I lay by the dipping pool and jacuzzi. She wraps a warm towel around my wet hair, covers my eyes and tells me to relax – as if I could do anything but.


I don’t need to see to soak in the ambiance of the marble room with its columns, fountains, and soothing music piped in at just the right volume to lull me into a tranquil trance.

Moments later she comes back and presses a cold cloth to my eyes, chin, cheeks, and neck. The contrast to the heat of my core is striking, and I feel my skin tighten in response. Jackpot. Silent as a feather she disappears again and I gently lose the battle of staying alert.

 I’m awoken by another woman: my massage therapist. She’s holding out a tray of four delicate bottles so that I can choose which scent I’d like for my massage.
 The light and enticing grapefruit was an easy choice although the rich and lingering scent of musk was a close second. Verbena and Argan oil also called my name, but I’ll save those for another time.

Next I was brought down the white winding staircase. The plush padding of each step was not lost on me; it only added to the sensation of walking on a cloud and living in a dream.

 In the room I lay face down on the table, staring at a bouquet of freshly cut roses that was thoughtfully placed on the floor for my enjoyment. Every single detail has been lovingly thought through here at La Sultana. She begins the massage with my legs. The music is relaxing, the room is the perfect temperature and her hands expertly find their way around my body.

After 30 minutes I flip over and stare at the lace pattern made on the amber wall while she begins on my calves. She finishes with a face and ear massage that leaves me tingling from head to toe. She offers me a few more minutes to relax and I slip deeper into the realm of bliss.

 I don’t hear her reenter the room, but I feel her hands on my legs: she’s putting slippers on my feet. I sit up and she drapes my robe around me and leads me back to the colonnaded jacuzzi room where I melt into my chair.


Once again she covers my eyes and tells me to relax. The smell of mint tea wakes me, and I slowly enter reality sip by sip. Next time I’m going to do myself a favor and book my entire Marrakech stay at La Sultana.

I was a guest of La Sultana Spa for the purposes of this review but am 100% serious when I say it was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life which still brings me peace just thinking about it.

Brandy Bell loves adventuring around the world. She's been a solo female traveler since 2006 and has visited over 25 countries, made countless international friends, and now writes to inspire you to travel in a sustainable and responsible way.

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