Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Travel

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Everyone in the cafe was turned to look at me. “MHMMMM” I said, with more oomph and soul than a Holy-Roller preacher woman. I licked my finger and flipped the page, devouring the words. The article, “Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Travel” by Debra Ly, was the perfect mixture of honesty and boldness.

While we all have ideals of what makes a perfect mate, there’s no denying that the “traveling” breed are one of their own. What do you think : does being a traveler / nomad make you an impossible partner?


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Don’t Date This Traveling Girl
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Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Travel


A girl who doesn’t travel is easy to track, easy to predict. She’ll always be there. She’ll be on your couch at home, or hanging with her friends waiting for your call. You’ll know where to find her. When you do, you will talk about your day and she’ll talk about the latest episode of Jersey Shore. With you, she’ll be secure from the dangers of the world. She’ll be happy with her virtual one. She will be safe. She’ll enjoy a night-in with a movie or a PS3 game. She won’t expect, or even want, extravagant, expensive, creative days and nights out. You can pick her up a bottle of nail polish and be in for a good night.


A girl who doesn’t travel is very well-groomed. She can take the time in front of the mirror and have tidier eyebrows, even complexion and smooth, smooth skin. She won’t have the wiry mane of a girl who travels who pulls faces for photos in front of yet another heritage landmark. Her hair will be glossy and maintained. She will have the perfect picturesque pout.


It’s fun conversing with a girl who doesn’t travel. She’ll believe everything you say and then giggle politely when you tell her you’re joking. And then laugh louder when she gets it. She will let you take the social center stage. She will watch you from the sidelines with admiration. She won’t challenge you with the wit of a girl who travels. She won’t one-up you with stories from the foothills of the Himalayas. She will like everything you like and go everywhere you go. You will be the light of her life. She will turn to you for every lip tremble, every tear. She will wrap her dainty arms around your neck and embrace you with a need so powerful you know that she can’t live without you.


Don’t invest your time and love in a girl who travels for she CAN live without you. She knows how to take things in her fearless stride. She would be fun for now, not forever. She’ll never be around. She will come and go and laugh melodically at your pleas to stay. Don’t get caught up in her spiritual depth and hippy ways. She’ll just plant grand seeds of thought and question everything you ever believed in. Her passionate rants about the beauty of the world will send tremors and quakes through your foundations and belittle your existence.


A girl who travels will drive you crazy with her sporadic emails and unreliable contact. She will send you mad with video calls where you can see her but can’t touch her. She will make you cry with longing. You will realize that distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder – it fucking rips the heart apart and smirks at the shreds of despair. Date a girl who doesn’t travel because she won’t do that. She will take the tender steps to keep your heart intact. She will fold it up in cheesecloth and hum to its soft rhythmic beat. She will keep you in your realm of familiar and sit demurely in the passenger seat as you drive on that 4-lane freeway to the white-picket fence.


Let the girl who travels go off into that other dimension. Forget all the romantic stories she tells of pristine white beaches, gushing jungle waterfalls, and tropical wildlife encounters. Dismiss her tales of the whack-jobs she met and the adventures on which they embarked. Let her endanger herself with military run-ins, frightening South East Asian traffic and storm-whipped boat rides. Let her try quench her insatiable cultural thirst in countries with makeshift beds, dank toilets and parasite-ridden water. You don’t need it. You don’t want it. Not one part of it.

Find yourself a nice girl who doesn’t travel. You just can’t know where on earth a girl who travels has been. ”


So, was your head nodding along? Or do you vote to Date a Girl Who Travels?

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Huge thank you to the talented, gutsy, and tenacious Debra Ly for this article.
Debra is a teacher/writer/seeker/traveller/humanitarian wrapped up into one neat little Asian package. (She counts herself as quite lucky too…so she’s a Fortune Cookie?) Deb ‘answered the call’ in 2008 and abandoned her Melbourne-Australian life for an adventure that found her on a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef, which led her to Cambodia where she directed a grassroots anti-human trafficking organization and then, naturally, went hopping around the world. As her world expands, so do the possibilities. Find more of her wonderful writing here. 


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