Brandy says: Travel the world for free? This girl must be crazy. Yes, I am. But this is no joke, there are ways to travel for free. This does not (necessarily) mean that you can leave home with no money in your pocket and become a globe trotting nomad until the end of time; it means you can spend a few weeks or months doing volunteer jobs, help exchanges, and other crafty things for free. Having said that, you can travel the world for free, and I am going to show you how. This is a collection of global travel resources that I have used during my years of backpacking, which have allowed me to travel for much longer than I would have been able to using “typical travel methods”.





The best ride sharing websites out there: including the well known Hitchwiki, and a few sites I’ve only recently come to learn of. Tips for how to get picked up, how to not get raped / kidnapped, and a host of ways to be a good car guest.





So you want to volunteer abroad for free? Not only will these opportunities allow you to give to the greater good, but most will house and feed you as well. Learn a new skill, or practice one you’ve got while being housed, living like a local, and getting 3 meals a day, yes please. Listing several websites that offering opportunities to volunteer abroad for free, this is a popular page, so get clicking.


take a trip for free

Travel can be free…
photo: tonx




Yes, people welcome strangers into their home, give them a clean bed, and usually show them around the city. No joke! Here you will find several hospitality exchange websites, and the breakdown on what each involves and stands for. Accommodation normally accounts for 30% of travel expense, that means you’re traveling 30% longer by using these sites. That’s math we can all enjoy.




Work is a four letter word. However, there’s something about travel jobs that make the time go by quicker. Whether you have dreams of harvesting marijuana in the fields of California, or building eco-houses in the outback of Australia this is where to make the global travel dream come true. Unless your ideal job involves a cubicle, your travel jobs are waiting for you on this page.



My favorite travel resource of all time. Here you will find activities in almost every country in the world, advice from locals, parties, and people willing to let you surf their couch. Couchsurfing is one of the best ways to travel I have ever come across; treat it with respect. Now start surfing!